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Meet Dawn

Dawn M. Cox, PT, MSPT, CFMT

Dawn Cox is the founder of Myokind.

Dawn created the Myokind method to bring what she has learned in the past 20+ years of being a physical therapist for Broadway dancers, pop stars, warehouse workers, competitive athletes and people like you who just want to live life to the fullest without pain and repetitive stress injury. She has a passion for individuals to take control of their own physical health by simply moving well in their daily lives. 

Myokind is a strategic movement method for the workplace to create wellness through efficient posture and movement. These postural strategies prevent repetitive stress injuries and are built on decades of experience and passion for helping individuals be their best without pain. Myokind will serve human resources, safety and training executives nationwide to help bridge the gap on what they don’t know they don’t know about lifting strategies and other essential movements performed everyday by their employees. The highlight is a new instructional video for how to achieve the best posture with workplace movements…and it is more than just “use your legs!.

As a physical therapist, she currently owns and operates Prana Functional Manual Therapy, an independently owned physical therapy clinic in Lancaster, PA.  She has more than two decades of physical therapy experience.  She honed her hands-on manual therapy skills in the heart of Broadway treating performing artists in New York City before she moved to Lancaster 16 years ago. She is originally from St. Louis and Austin area.

Dawn became certified in a specialty of PT called Functional Manual Therapy in 2007.  She is one of four therapists in the state of Pennsylvania with this certification.  She has taught Core First Strategies, nationally for the Institute of Physical Art, a world-wide continuing education organization for physical therapists.  She serves as a guest lecturer at Franklin & Marshall College in the Theatre & Dance department, and for educators and e-Sports at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. She also has serviced many dance studios, theaters, warehouses and other organizations in New York, Lancaster and Branson, MO over the years.

In the past few years she was awarded one of “The 25 Women Changing the Face of Lancaster City” and “Innovator” (in healthcare) in Lancaster by the FIG magazine. She is a Lancaster Chamber member, and served on the Executive Leadership Team for Marketing for the Lancaster City Alliance for three years. She also assistant-directs the Reynolds Middle School spring musical and enjoys life with her husband, Jim, their two teenage children Georgia and Liam and their dog, Blu.

Dawn Cox puts the “fun” in functional and is delighted to bridge the gap between what is currently taught in the workplace for movement and posture and what it could be. Dawn Cox educates individuals and training staff in companies on how to achieve postural security for safety at work and home through the Myokind Method. 

She jokes about being known locally in Lancaster area as the “posture police” while giving postural tips to anyone who will listen, now those tips are going nation-wide!

How it works...

The Myokind method is designed to promote postural security for safety and wellness on the job. It works by offering a video curriculum that bridges the gap on what is currently taught in the workplace regarding lifting and beyond. The Myokind method is unique in that it not only provides employees detailed instruction from a licensed physical therapist on better posture and movement for common tasks, but strategically breaks down components of those tasks necessary to perform in the workplace. Then, through the video and app “regular exercises” for mobility and strength are introduced to help their body achieve the better postures. And “muscle-memory exercises” are offered for practice of the skill of maintaining the efficient postural strategies. That way, workers can automatically integrate the safer body mechanics back into the motions they already do. This is the crux of wellness at work. When employees feel better, they work better.


Myokind is a strategic movement method to create wellness by preventing repetitive stress injuries in the workplace built on decades of movement specialist experience and passion for helping individuals be their best without pain. The Myokind method not only introduces better ways of moving but offers a unique process on how to make them automatic in each body. Contact Dawn for an assessment of your workplace activities, in-person or virtual seminars, or on-site one-on-one injury prevention physical therapy sessions for your employees.

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