Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Myokind method different from other wellness or lifting programs?

It is practical wellness at its best. The Myokind method is designed and implemented by an experienced physical therapist who specializes in efficient posture and movement. The Myokind method simply refines the movements workers already do. Then, once the strategic movements are instructed, individuals are taught specific muscle memory exercises for repetition. This process helps workers to get these “better ways of moving” into their bodies automatically. So the better ways become their ways of moving without extra effort. In addition, the Myokind method does not require any expensive equipment or gadgets. 

We have had lifting training before. Why would we need Myokind?

First, see above regarding “how the Myokind method is different.” And, even if a similar training has been conducted it is important for learning to hear things presented in different ways. Myokind presents specific nuances that are often overlooked yet necessary to moving well without risk of pain and injury. Also, once a license is purchased by a company, the video is unlimited for viewing. So, the video and custom company page is always available for a quick reference and refresher.

Our employees do not work in a warehouse. Is the video still appropriate for our company?

Yes. The video was filmed in a warehouse for continuity and ease of filming. But, our body is a machine and moves the same way no matter the setting. Push/Pull, lift, reach, etc. should be performed efficiently with strategic movement whether one is in a warehouse, a school, a grocery store, a hospital, a theatre, a construction site, on tour with a rock band or even at home.

If our company already has a medical team that includes a physical therapist, can the video and training still work for us?

Yes. Dawn and the Myokind team can work with the medical team, PT and other wellness/training executives to teach them how to train their employees. The video and training are meant to enhance what your safety, medical team and/or physical therapist are already trying to accomplish.

Our company is small with only 10 employees, would Myokind still be appropriate?

Yes. These skills are important for all to learn. The nuances taught in the postures and strategic movements are instrumental especially for a small company. When someone is in pain or gets injured and cannot work it can cause an even bigger impact to the company.  

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