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Wellness Enhancement

Video only: Industrial video for onboarding and current staff use
  • Custom company landing page
  • Unlimited training video access
  • One-time fee for agreed upon number of users
  • Unlimited training video access

Wellness Boost

Video benefits from package #1, plus:
Coaching sessions from a MYOKIND movement specialist
  • Includes everything in the Basic Packaage
  • Educate and train company trainers/safety managers and/or company-appointed wellness personnel in the basics of what the video introduces for postural security, muscle memory exercises and strength and stability exercises. (estimated half-day training)
  • Trainers will gain competence to conduct micro-training sessions in real-time for each section of the video
  • Managers will be able to create pre-shift exercises to reflect exercises taught in the video
  • Trainers & managers will be able to identify problems with an employee learning the techniques who may require an individualized session with a MYOKIND movement specialist
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Wellness Sustainability

Video benefits, plus coaching sessions from package #2, plus:
One-on-one proactive preventative physical therapy sessions
  • Based on recommended number of days given the size of your company, 6-8 hours per day on-site for preventative physical therapy sessions in one year
  • Includes everything in Basic and Basic Plus Packages
  • One-on-one proactive preventative physical therapy sessions:
  • For employees to be not only educated, but trained to build upon strategies presented in the video customized to the individual.
  • Answer questions individual employees have regarding their own body and what barriers they have in their posture or work set-up.
  • The Myokind PT movement specialist can then observe and assess the employee in their specific work area to perform a brief assessment (could be ergonomics related to sitting or evaluating individual "lifting & beyond" mechanics).
  • Hands-on manual therapy including massage, soft tissue mobilization and joint mobilization to assist in alleviating pain and improving mobility to enable the individual to achieve the postural strategies Myokind is recommending.
  • Developing individualized home exercise program or gym program to safely improve strength and mobility.

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